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'84 10th 10th annual 11th 2013 bald for bucks 2013 commencement 2013 graduation 2013 great day 2013 homecoming 2013 men's soccer team photo 2013 mens ice hockey 2013 mens soccer team photo 2013 relay for life 2013 weeks of welcome 2016 mens 5k a a cappella a geneseo a. ab ac concert acapella acappella achievement acrobatics acting action activities activities commission concert activity actors address adjunct lecturer adventure aerial african against air air birds eye albers aldridge alex alex imbrosci alexandra alice alice austin theater alice austin theatre all college hour speaker allcollege hour speaker allen alpha alpha kappa psi alpha phi omega day of service alumni alumni baseball alumni blue wave swim meet alumni game alumni networking alumni swim meet amargo ambassador ambassadors american an andrew animal annese anniversary annual anthro anthropology anything anything goes anything goes promo poster apo april arlene arlene somerville around art arts ashley scholes ashley scholes in orange freshman bio major ashlyn vicari association at at rit athletic athletic stadium athletics athletics stadium atlantic atrium auditorium austin author autumn away bailey bailey construction bailey hall bailey hall construction bailey hall renovation bailey rainbow bailey rehabilitation bailey renovation bald bald for bucks ball ballhawk ballroom band banner banquet baseball basketball basketball coach batavia battles bb bbq bear ben bengal tiger bengal tiger at the baghdad zoo benjamin bethany friday betty betty minemier between beverly beverly daniel tatum bg bhangra big tree inn bill brower bill cook billion bird's birds black black box theatre blue blue and white blue wave blue wave swimming blue white bob bob bonfiglio bob duffy bonfiglio booth box boy left hunter serio 2 boys bracelets brad brave breakfast breast breast cancer awareness breast cancer fundraiser bri brianne brianne kelly bridget brittney richardson brockport broom ball broomball broomfield brower brunch bsu btl bubble bubble ball bubbleball bucket bucks buff buffalo buffalo state burger burgers bus business business fraternity busy but butterflies play by c c. camarella campaign celebration weekend campbell campion campus campus auxiliary service campus construction campus cow campus fall campus rainbow campus walk canada cancer cancer fundraising event canning capella caps capture car car smash career career connections brunch cares carly carly ritchlin carmen carol carol long carpet carson schell cas cas cow cas food show casi cast elena napoles goldfeder as isabel and ruben lorenzo gomez francisco catch catherine adams celebrating celebration celia easton center ceremonial ceremonial puck drop ceremonies ceremony certificate cfi chad chain chainsaw chainsaw juggler challenge chamber chamber singers champange reception championship championship regional chanler charity cheer cheerleaders cheerleading chi chiamaka chief children china china night china nite chineese acrobats chineese cultural club chinese chinese cultural club chinese culture club chocolate chocolate casi amargo chris chris dahl chris dahl singing chris liucci chris liucci '91 christmas christopher christopher c dahl christopher c. dahl circle circle k concert clarkson class class change class of 2018 class outside classroom club clubs cm coacci coach coaches vs cancer coaches vs. cancer cold cole porter's classic musical college college green college hour speaker college stadium college union college union ballroom college union lobby college union patio college union welcome back jam colleges colleges against cancer color comedian comedy commencement commencement dress rehearsal commencemnet community community engagement competition conard concert conference connections construction convocation cook cooking cookout cortland council countdown country cow on campus creating breakfast mix for senior citizens cristina cianciabella cristina cianciabella junior accounting major cross cross country cross country invitational crystal cu patio cultural cultural harmony week culture cutting cv cystic fibrosis cystic fibrosis fundraiser daga field dahl dahl hockey dahl puck drop dahl singing dan dan loughran dance dance flash mob dancer dancers dancing daniel danielle danielle grimm danny david david gordon day of service dayner hackshaw days deb deborah deborah scodese french class dedication degree degrees delta demo demolition demolotion denise denise battles denise reed lamoreaux department of languages and literatures destroy development dining dinner director director in residence elizabeth wong discover scuba discussion dive diversity diversity meet and greety diversity picnic diving diving womens swimming and dog dog fight dogfight dogs dole dorm dorms doty doty hall doty hall construction doty walk through doty walkthrough dr. catherine adams dress dress rehearsal drum duffy duke dump dumping dumpster dumpster dive dunc dunc hinckley dunc hinckley scoreboard dwyer e earth eddie eddie lee eddy eddy lee election elizabeth elizabeth hoey elodie jacobson en el tiempo de las mariposas end of orientation end of the semester energy ensemble entrepreneur entrepreneurs entrepreneurship equestrian equestrian meet eric rohrbaugh host errors etiquette eugene evening event events excellence expo eye face faculty faculty and students faculty recognition faculty recognition day faculty staff and students of color meet greet faculty students fair fall fall 2013 fall 2013ice knights home opener fall 2014 fall 2015 fall 2016 fall foliage fall scene 2013 fall scene 2013 rugby fall. thanksgiving fame family family weekend family wekeend family wekened fantastic fatima rodriguez johnson fence festival festival of color field field hockey field hockey player field hockey team photo field hockey vs morrisville field hockey vs. utica fight figure skating figure skating club final finals finance fine finger finger lakes opera fink fire firework fireworks fireworks gazebo firing first knight first year first year olympics firstyear five days at memorial flash flash mob flo food drive forum fraternity fredonia french french horn quartet freshman accounting major freshman biology major friday friday knight 5k frisbee fundraiser fundraising funds to build new playset at highland park g g unit gala galen abdurrazzq gallery game games garden gary towsley gathering gatsby gaus family gay pride alliance gazebo gazebo fireworks gazebo sunset gccc gde genesee quad geneseo geneseo chineese cultural club geneseo cross country invitational geneseo earth week geneseo equestrian geneseo first knight geneseo first knight kw geneseo goes to town geneseo heros geneseo ice hockey geneseo ice knights geneseo knightline geneseo late knight geneseo late knight activity geneseo string band geneseo swim meet geneseo swimming geneseo symphony orchestra geneseo winterguard geneseo wrestling club geneseo's geneviva dodoo genseng gentrai gentraí geo geo club geo club group photo geo club scene geo's geology alumni reunion geology picnic geology reunion geos getting girl right graycen milliman 6 giving glk global goal goes gold gold mentor gold program gold team mentor portraits gold team photo good gordon grace graduate graduation graduation ceremony grand great great day greek greek hall of fame greek life green group group discussions group photo guard guest speaker gumbo gumbo to go gun gunit gunit photo guys gwendolyn gwendolyn simmons gym gymnasium half halftime hall halls halls of involvement hals hammock hammok hands holding photo harmony harmony for hope harrison harrison dole harvest hawk head head coach header heads headshot headshots health healthy heights hemer heros herzman hilbert hippies hippies for hope hippies for hope tye dye hips and harmony hips n harmony historical aircraft museum historical aircraft society history class hit hitting hockey hockey fieldhockey hockey rink hoey hoey's hoey's 100 hoeys 100 holcomb holcomb building holcomb demolition holcomb stadium demo holcomb stadium project holi holi 2014 holi day holiday home homecoming homecoming 2013 homecoming weekend honorary honorary degree recipient honoring honors recital hope horse horses house houston how much trash could have been recycled human hurricane hutchinson ice ice arena ice hockey ice knights ice knights teddy bear toss ice rink idea idea2venture ideatoventure igc igc group photo imbrosci in in the in the classroom in the time of butterflies inaugural inauguration incoming students group photo indian fort out at swim and bluebells indoor indoor track indoor track and field indoor track meet at rit induction inishmore instruments inter intercultural intercultural dinner intergreek intergreek council interim president interim president carol long international international student international studies internship internships into invisible invitation involvement ira s wilson ice arena ira s. wilson ice arena irish irish dancing is it's its iyer jack jack and carol kramer endowed lectureship jack kramer jacket jam james james campbell james t. campbell january japanese japanese cultural club jazz jazz musician jb jc jc '17 jcc jeremy jeremy grace jessica jessica it's all good williams jessica its all good williams jessica williams jewelry jim jim houston job jobs john john o'malley jr. judith judy juggler juggling junior junior sociology major k kailey kaily kaily suhr kaleidoscope kap kappa karli hollins kd kelly kelsey kennison ketterle kevin gavagan keynote keynote speaker kim hatfield kinetic kinetic art gallery king kitchen knight knight spot knight's first day of service knightline knights knights first day of service kramer kuhl kuhl gym kurt fletcher kw kw16 lacrosse lady lakes lamoreaux lamron larry gaus larry gaus and family larry gaus locker room dedication last week late latin american studies program latino laura laura shanklin laura szczesniak laureate law fraternity lawrencia lax leadership learning lecture lee left sophia garber '17 pies kevin milone '18 left to right le'shand miller monica gutierrez cecibell montalban and patrice cummings left to right michael mooney marilyn moore bob bonfiglio kailey surh jim milroy denise battles dan loughran leg up stables lenny leonard letchworth letchworth construction letchworth dining hall letchworth dining hall construction letchworth dining hall rehabilitation letchworth invitational letchworth renovation letchwoth liberty in north korea library lieutenant lieutenant of inishmore life line lines linkedin linus liucci living livingston livingston cares liz lobby locker room ceremony logo long long point park lot lots loughran lsa lulu lulu westbrooks griffin lulu westbrooksgriffin luther lycoming lynch mace mad mad chad maggie hale major make make your mark mallows mammal march marilyn marisa danelle mark marshal martin martin luther king martin luther king jr martin luther king jr day of service mary mary elizabeth aldridge mary jemison dining hall mascot mash master's masters commencement match math matt matt rebolini matthew mc mcu mcu welcome back jam me medaille meet meet and greet mela memorial men men's men's and women's men's and women's cross country men's and women's xc men's basketball men's cross country men's cross country team photo men's hockey men's ice hockey men's ice hockey vs morrisville men's lacrosse men's lacrosse team photo men's lax men's soccer men's soccer team photo men's soccer vs. fredonia men's soccerm men's swimming and diving mens mens and womens mens and womens indoor track field mens and womens swimming diving mens basketball mens basketball vs potsdam mens cross country mens cross country team photo mens hockey mens ice hockey mens lacrosse mens lax mens soccer mens swimming and diving mentor mentors merritt meryl beth mgmt mgmt concert michael michael mooney portrait mid midatlantic midnight mike mike mooney miles milne milroy minemier mix mlk mlk jr. mob mock mock trial monroe monroe hall monster month moon mooney moore morning mosaic mosquito motion mountain move in day movein day moving ms mtc mtc legends muckdogs mud muhlenberg multicultural multicultural bbq multicultural dinner multicultural meet and greet multicultural organization multicultural performances multicultural picnic music music theatre club musical musical theatre club mym myrt myrtle national nature nature club naz nazareth ncaa ncaa midatlantic regional ncaa qualifiers ceremony ncaa tournament net nets network networking networkng neumann neureiter new student convocation new student dinner new student move in new student movein new student picnic new students newton night nine nobel norm norman north korea nothing nothing but net nothing but nets november nu number nys october of office office of ofm left to right jim stewart leslie howlett grego meg new schober aaron coleman oil oil painting okorie old and new bailey old photo olympics omega omegas on on the right is sophomore geneviva dodoo and left senior bethany friday singing a change gonna come onandaga field one oneonta open opener opening opening convocation opera oration orchestra organization organizations organizers origami oswego outdoor class outdoor club outdoors outside overtime overtime win p neureiter packed padalino painting pallen paltz parade parent's parents park party pat pat pallen patio patty fennell peace people pep band pep band reunion percussion ensemble performance performances performer performers performing petting phi phi alpha delta philanthropy photo booth photo by annalee bainnson photo by ben gajewski photo by chip matthews photo by sh photo stream photograph photographs of bailey photos by annalee bainnson photos by bb photos by ben gajewski photos by brian bennett photos by cm photos by cv photos by jb photos by jc photos by john coacci photos by kala wilkins photos by kati buck photos by katrina buck photos by kd photos by kunal datta photos by michelle stevens photos by ms photos by sh phtos by jb physics pi picnic pie pie for charity pie in the face pied pix2 plan play play for kay play performed in spanish with english subtitles playing poinsetta pomotional photo pool portrait portraits poster poster photo poster presentation poster presentations posters potsdam powder power powered practice presentation presentations presented by the department of theatre and dance presenting president president battles president carol long president chris dahl president christopher c dahl president dahl president dahl hockey president dahl puck drop president's president's conference room president's house president's welcome picnic presidential presidents conference room presidents house presidents welcome picnic press pride alliance prize production professional project promo promo photo promo shots promotion shots promotional protest provost psi put quad qualifier quartet quidditch quidditch club quidditch team raa race races rachel rizzo rahul rahul thandla rain rainbow randy shepard rebolini reception recital recognition recognizing red red carpet redjacket reed regional rehabilitation rehearsal relay relay for life remembrance renewable renovation repackaging pet treats into smaller bags for senior citizens who have furry friends repretorio espanol off broadway theatre company res life research residence life ribbon richard roak award riding bike through rain right right brittney richardson rink rise rising rit rit fieldhouse rit invitational ritchlin rlk robbins robert robert duffy robert duke sells lecture rochester roemer arboretum ron ron herzman ronald room round round 2 royal rugby rugby for scene rugby group photo rugby portrait run rush s'more making s'mores salute sancilio sandy sarah kohler saturday saturday knight spectacular savitri saw scene scholes school schultz scodese scoreboard scoreboard dedication scott scuba scuba diving scubadive scubadiving second second overtime win segway sells senior senior champagne reception senior day senior orator senior salute days senior toast september sequence service service learning services session seuss seuss spruce sexual assault awareness week sh shakespeare shakti shakti club shave shaved heads shaving shaving heads shelter sheri sheri fink shoot shot shots show sigma sign signing simmons singer singers singing singing a change is gonna come slainte slice slime fest slimefest smart phone pics 20152016 smash smashing smith smore making smp snow soccer soccer team society softball solar solar team somerville sophomore sorority sorting and bagging mittens gloves hats sock to keep seniors warm through the winter soup southside spanish play speaker speaking on fortune who was an african american man enslaved spectacular spot spring spring 2013 spring 2013 left cristina cianciabella spring 2014 spring 2015 spring 2016 spring 2017 spring concert spring fest spring show spruce square st john fisher stadium stadium construction stadium construction project stadium demolition starbucks starting state steel stelzig stephen padalino stephen rossi storm story of three sisters who inspried a revolutionary movement in the dr against dictatorial regime gen. rafael leonidas trujilo strang string string quartet strip student student athlete student clubs student expo student gazebo student in sturges quad student life student organization expo student organizations student outside student research student riding bike student studying student swimmer student volunteers student walking student walking sunset student walking to class students students around campus students at gazebo students at gazebo watching fireworks students college green students dancing students dorm students in ballroom students in lecture students in monroe hall students in starbucks students in union students listening to lecture students making smores students meeting students moving into dorm students networking students nice weather students on campus students on college green students outdoors students outside students parents students studying students volunteering students walking students walking to class students watching sunset studet study study abroad study abroad fair studyabroad fair studying sturges sturges fall sturges quad suhr suite summer summer 2013 summer 2014 summer stratton '16 sun sunset sunset rainbow sunyac super bowl 2015 surapaneni sustainability swim swim meet swimmer swimming swimming and diving swimming pictures swing swing dance club symphony syracuse szczesniak szopinski tailgate take back the night walk talents talk tartuffe tatum teaching students how to use steel drums team team photo team photos team portrait ted ted canning teddy teddy bear toss temperature ten tennis tenth tf thandla the ability experience the comedy of errors the fray 2013 the lamron the lieutenant of inishmore the white panda concert thearpy theater theatre throw throwing tie die tie dye tiedie tiedye time timelapse to toast todd goehle tom matthews toss tour tournament tourney towsley track track and field tradition traditions trans trans fine by me. transfer tree trial tribute trip trivia trow troy graduation and orientation trumpet turf tushara tushara surapanen tushara surapaneni twilight sturges two tyedye uaa uaa hockey event 111612 uaa holiday photos uaa holiday portraits uaa sunset photos uav under under water undergrad undergraduate undergraduate alumni association undergraduate september 11 underwater union union ballroom union luau unit university university of rochester unpacking outside of joneslivingston uofr up ur utica valley valley sunset van vassar venture ventureworks victor victor e. knight vigil volleyball volleyball game volleyball practice volleyball team photo volunteer volunteer expo volunteer fair volunteering volunteers vote vs vs buffalo state vs canisus college vs franklin pierce vs fredonia vs morrisville vs nazareth vs oneonta vs oswego vs rit vs. vs. alfred university vs. brockport vs. buffalo state vs. fredonia vs. hobart vs. keuka college vs. oneonta vs. oswego vs. plattsburgh vs. potsdam vs. st john fisher vs. stevenson wac wadsworth wadsworth auditorium walk walk off walk the moon walking walking to class walkoff watching water watermellon watermellon smash watermellon smashing event watermellong smashing wave weekend weeks weeks of welcome weeks of welcome luau wekk welcome welcome back activities welcome back jam welcome back picnic welcome dinner welcome picnic welfare wellbeing welles wellness wes wes kennison wgsu white wife william william smith williams williamsmith win winner winners winter winter guard winter scene 2014 winterguard wlax wolfgang wolfgang ketterle women's women's basketball women's cross country women's cross country team photos women's field hockey women's field hockey team photo women's lacrosse women's lacrosse alumni game women's lax women's lax alumni game women's soccer women's soccer faculty recognition women's soccer portraits women's soccer team photos women's soccer team portraits women's soccer vs lycoming women's softball women's swimming and diving women's tennis women's tennis team women's tennis team photos women's volleyball women's volleyball portraits women's volleyball team photos womens womens basketball womens cross country team photos womens field hockey womens lacrosse womens lacrosse alumni game womens lax womens lax alumni game womens soccer womens softball womens tennis womens tennis match womens volleyball womens volleyball game wong work working works workshop on how communities or individuals can overcome obstacles and leverage resources to accomplish goals positive change through civic community engagement wow wowcappella wrestling xc xmas year years yoga yonghoon jun york you belong youbelong your zip zip line zoo