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Welcome to the homepage for the Geneseo E-Yearbook! This project was created and administered by the Undergraduate Alumni Association.

If you see a photo of yourself that you decide you'd rather not include in our college yearbook, just let us know! E-mail with the subject line "Yearbook."

Whether you're an alum or a current student, we hope you enjoy this new tradition! Look around, explore other years, and get to know Geneseo again and again.

The college yearbook was last printed in the year 2000. We are especially interested in alumni photo submissions from 2001-2012. Alumni from these years are encouraged to share photos from their college years so we can create electronic editions of your college yearbook. Link to upload photos:

Current class year photo submission links:
Class of 2015:
Class of 2016:
Class of 2017:
Class of 2018:

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